A world of toys, interior design and accessories for children


The by ASTRUP® brand designs unique high-quality products that encourage play, creativity and joy, each and every day. The idea for the

designs is inspired by everyday life. The style is classically Scandinavian in beautiful, neutral colours.




The by ASTRUP® brand arose from a need to process our grief from having lost our youngest daughter, while at the same time passing on

Marie´s caring nature and sense of creativity. That is why I, Anette Astrup Petersen, established the by ASTRUP® brand in 2018.



The 12th of April 1996 was an amazing, unforgettable day; we became the proud parents of our fourth child, Marie - a little sister to our three older children,

Mette, Morten and Mads. As a child, Marie was a self-appointed “toy tester” in our toy company. She was a little sister who was always busy with 

something. As she got older, she also took part in the creative product development processes in the company, which entailed traveling to suppliers in China.

She developed a taste for travelling, and at the age of 17 she went out on an adventure: A one-month language-learning trip to Beijing. But just as Marie

returned home from her adventure in Beijing, tragedy struck the family. In August 2013, Marie was diagnosed with acute leukaemia. What followed

was two terrible years of chemo treatments as well as a difficult bone marrow transplant and a seven-month stay at the intensive care at the hospital. 

But Marie’s love of adventure and creativity never faded even though she was confined to a hospital ward. Marie loved butterflies, and so her hospital room decorations

included the most beautiful butterflies which she had folded herself. She gave many of the butterflies away - as a gesture of love - to family members and nurses.

These folded butterflies matter of course so much to our family.

But then in August 2015, the most terrible day came - it was time for Marie’s final adventure. She passed away at the age of 19 following her two-year battle with cancer.


Some people decide to write a book about their grief. I chose to create a new brand. A brand that represents Marie´s mindset and values: Caring for others, a zest for life

and creativity with deep Scandinavian roots. In that sense, there are two of us behind this brand: Marie and I. 


The dominant graphical element in the byASTRUP logo is Marie’s butterfly, and the A in by ASTRUP forms an M for Marie.




Our biggest wish is for no one to have to die of cancer in the future, and for no families to have to go through what we did.

By buying the by ASTRUP products with Marie’s butterfly, you are supporting a truly important cause. 

Every year, we donate Marie’s entire salary to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (Børnecancerfonden) in the hope that our contribution can help make a difference and make

our biggest wish - a world without cancer – become a reality someday.



Let’s fly like a butterfly.

In loving memory

Anette Astrup