Hobby Horses


The by ASTRUP® horse universe


  • Does your child love horses?
  • Is your child into the new trend – Hobby Horse riding?
  • Does your child need a modern stable for his/her Hobby Horse? Or maybe a curry comb?


If you can answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then welcome to the adventurous by ASTRUP® horse universe,

to which we add more articles all the time. For generations, both boys and girls have played with the classic Hobby Horse,

and it is still a huge hit with both children and their parents.

We in the ASTRUP Group love Hobby Horses too. They make it possible to combine two important elements

in children’s development - role play and movement. On a Hobby Horse, you can be an American Indian, a cowboy or a circus princess.

You can compete in the dressage or show-jumping ‘world championship’ or compete to win the ‘owner-of-the-best-styled-horse’ title. The sky’s the limit.

After playing, you can put the horse in the beautiful stable and give it a treat while you groom it.


Role play with action and excitement.

Say ‘Middle Ages’ and most of us will immediately think of knights on horseback, fighting with swords, shields and lances. Knights were the soldiers of the time.

Their task was to protect the king and go on crusades to convert people to Christianity.

It was also the era of chivalric tournaments, in which noblemen competed in various disciplines to show off their courage and strength.


The by ASTRUP® hobby horse theme is perfect for children between 3 and 12 years old. 

Role play is important for children. This new knight theme will encourage children to express themselves and create fun, exciting games – either with other children or by themselves.

Your child’s imaginative world will evolve as they become brave knights, princes or princesses, or organise a ‘ring-riding party’ using beautiful,

highly detailed accessories for the popular hobby horses from the by ASTRUP® range.