Hobby Horses


The by ASTRUP® horse universe


  • Does your child love horses?
  • Is your child into the new trend – Hobby Horse riding?
  • Does your child need a modern stable for his/her Hobby Horse? Or maybe a curry comb?


If you can answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then welcome to the adventurous by ASTRUP® horse universe,

to which we add more articles all the time. For generations, both boys and girls have played with the classic Hobby Horse,

and it is still a huge hit with both children and their parents.

We in the ASTRUP Group love Hobby Horses too. They make it possible to combine two important elements

in children’s development - role play and movement. On a Hobby Horse, you can be an American Indian, a cowboy or a circus princess.

You can compete in the dressage or show-jumping ‘world championship’ or compete to win the ‘owner-of-the-best-styled-horse’ title. The sky’s the limit.

After playing, you can put the horse in the beautiful stable and give it a treat while you groom it.